• Modiji gets Army to make bridges for SriSri
  • Modiji gives CISF security to Ramdev, making him the 8th private sector establishment ever to get CISF security
  • Anupam Kher does a tolerance march, is instantly given a Padma Bhushan award
  • Swapan Das Gupta, who made Modi his hero every since 2002 happened and wrote 100s of articles telling the world how great he is, gets a Padma Bhushan award. Swapan Dasgupta is also made a Director at Larsen & Toubro Limited
  • Rajat Sharma’s India TV who alternates between reporting aliens/UFOs and doing Modi Bhakti gets a Padma Award
  • Madhur Bhandarkar does a tolerance march, gets a Padma award.
    etc etc

This is a Government which keeps giving and giving and you dare ask where are ‘Achche Din’?


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