When journalists can critique the whole world, why can’t they critique themselves? And even when they do so, why do they do so in hushed tones? For past several months, Zee News has been running a very dangerous campaign on behest of BJP. Not that Times Now etc haven’t done it, but Zee News via their editor Sudhir Chaudhary has crossed all limits. Now they are targeting individuals and giving out certificates of ‘anti-nationalism’ after having not only distributed morphed videos but also becoming a part of police investigation based on these morphed videos.

Recently, Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted:

He was obviously referring to Zee News, yet won’t take the name.

Certain online publications like Scroll, Catch News and Wire have written against Zee News, but none of the mainstream media organizations have done any substantive critiquing in this respect, especially absolutely zilch from their counterparts in electronic media. So, the question is, what is the so called ‘laxman rekha’ that Zee News needs to cross before the rival channels act?


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