• We pay tax.
  • Out of that tax, Govt gives SriSri 2.25 crores grant for a PRIVATE event.
  • Govt also gets army to make bridges for SriSri.
  • SriSri event estimated to cost 120 crores of environmental damage purely in financial terms by National Green Tribunal (NGT), much more in actual terms.
  • NGT after much deliberation decides on a 5 crore fine.
  • Kejriwal tweets no more politics on this issue, Modi confirms his participation.
  • SriSri goes to every channel and says will go to jail but won’t pay fine.
  • Before NGT, Art of Living (AOL) says that 5 crores is a huge amount, can pay only 25 lakhs now.
  • Art of Living incidentally is organizing an event with 35 lakh guests. And they have an operating capital of only 25 lakhs.
  • NGT says, if you don’t pay 25 lakhs today, will attach the Govt Grant of 2.25 crores.
    – Now the grant is not SriSri’s money but our Tax Money. So if SriSri doesn’t cough up the 25 lakhs today, what would the Govt attach? The Tax Money. (Bhakts: What about JNU)
    – So, for an environmental damage estimated at 120 crores, SriSri might pay 25 lakhs (not sure yet). Who knows whether the rest of the 4.75 crores is coming or not?
  • And while all this playing out, the so called people elected to uphold our constitution, namely Kejriwal and Modi are not uttering a word.
  • What a Shame.


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