Terror attacks in Brussels, Paris, Beirut had everything to do with religion. Religion is the best tool available to mankind to brainwash men and women into extremist acts. Those who say that “Terrorism has no religion” are:

  • Politicians who have a votebank to worry about or are worried about a backlash from other sections of the society.
  • Religious heads whose business of religion is threatened.
  • Common men and women who if they accept that religion is one of the causative factors of terror attacks would have to come to terms with a life in which religion is no longer sacrosanct.

However, those who are trying to pin all the blame on religion while ignoring all the geo-politics which has led to this situation are equally motivated or naive. The war on fictional weapons of mass destruction started by George Bush left over 500,000 Iraqis dead. To look for one Osama Bin Laden, close to 360,000 Afghanis died, some killed due to the war, and other deaths indirectly related to the war.

ISIS which stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is a direct creation of this war. When you’ve destroyed an entire country to save 50 cents on a gallon of gasoline, do not expect them to be reasonable in their response. And yet, one still needs a tool to make even the spurned go and kill the innocent, which is religion.

P.S. Many Indians refuse see a different religion being used to brainwash a different set of people again for political reasons leading to acts of extremism. Riots leave equal number of innocent people dead, but leave far more number of people homeless, financially devastated. These acts of extremism might seem infantile at this point of time as compared to those of ISIS, but there’s a concerted effort by those who rule us that the religious brainwashing continues with the command centre in Nagpur.


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