Urdu book writers are being asked to sign the following form annually by Modi Govt:

“I son/daughter of confirm that my book/magazine titled which has been approved for bulk purchase by NCPUL’s monetary assistance scheme does not contain anything against the policies of the government of India or the interest of the nation, does not cause disharmony of any sort between different classes of the country, and is not monetarily supported by any government or non-government institution.”

Source: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/urdu-writers-asked-to-declare-my-book-not-against-the-govt-nation/#sthash.eVrx9hK3.dpuf

The alarming bit in there is “does not contain anything against the policies of the government or the interest of the nation”.

A Government that came into power by non-stop criticism of the policies of the then ruling Govt are now scared of criticism. They don’t want people to criticise their policies. This is in line with arguments like JNU runs on tax money and hence can’t criticize the Government, can’t do politics against the Government. This is what is called as ‘Undeclared Emergency’.


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