When Modiji was campaigning to become a PM, he made loud promises of increasing minimum support price (MSP) for farmers. Modiji promised that NDA govt will rework MSP formula to include production cost plus 50% profit as per recommendations of the Swaminathan commission. However, this promise like many other promises thrown at the people of India by the current Prime Minister turned out to be a big fat lie aka Jumla.

So, while more farmers are committing suicide than ever before, to the point that 3228 farmer suicides in Maharashtra are the highest ever in a single year in the last 14 years, Modiji is currently boasting on his Twitter account about having launched a mobile app called “Kisan Suvidha App”.

Modiji, technology is an enabler for sure, but it cannot be prioritized over other basic necessities for the farmers. Imagine if you’d promised mobile apps in your election speeches instead of increased MSP, one can state with much certainty that you wouldn’t have been the PM today. The farmer in Chattisgarh who is feeding his kids roti made out of grass has no use of your mobile app. The farmer who is deciding whether to die by consuming pesticides or by hanging himself has no use of your app. And those are the lakhs of farmers who should be your priority.


Had you prioritized the farmers in deep crisis, people would actually be appreciative of you launching mobile apps to reach technology to the farthest corners of India, but unfortunately you have miserably failed at attending to those who are the most needy.


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